List of current projects:

  • STEM Education through Basketball

  • CSB Revitalization Project - Postponed

STEM Education through Basketball

Many young Cameroonians are not afforded the opportunity to participate in science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM) education. This project aims at providing relevant and real-world exposure to STEM concepts and technical skills that are so very vital to meet the pressing needs and challenges of our changing world. The Manengouba Foundation will use basketball as a means to attract, nurture, and inspire young boys and girls to pursue STEM education and careers.

Although some sub-Sahara countries attempted curricular transformation that might produce a skilled workforce through widespread access to STEM education, it has not been a priority for Cameroon. Its educational system does not encourage the use of a STEM based curriculum, due to the lack of basic infrastructure and teaching staff training. As a result, the shortage of technical education has been depriving the local youth  of opportunities that come with emerging technologies. By introducing a STEM based curriculum to a specifically selected secondary school located in a rural area, The Manengouba Foundation intends to successfully carry out a proof of concept that will not only positively affect the lives of more than 200 children, but serve as an example to be spread across the country.


The Manengouba Foundation will introduce a STEM based curriculum coupled with vocational training in areas such as computer programming, carpentry, construction, electricity, heating, masonry and plumbing. This will provide the desperately needed  hands on training for the students to be readily operational upon graduation. A combination of academics and sports such as athletics, soccer and basketball will contribute to the development of each participant's full potential, both physically and mentally through an emphasis on the concepts of teamwork, sportsmanship and perseverance.

Long-Term Impact:

The Manengouba foundation will maintain a record of alumni and their impact on society, as well as specific measures of improvement in the standard of living around the local area. Over a period of 3 to 5 years, this project will directly benefit about 1000 boys and girls and give them a vision toward their future careers. The Manengouba Foundation intends to position STEM as a pathway to socio-economic development.


CSB Revitalization Project - Postponed